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Casale del 700


The making process according to the classic method includes several phases that start from the base wine of Falanghina. Grapes are harvested earlier to ensure greater acidity. After fermentation and a period of decanting in steel at a controlled temperature, the base wine is bottled with the addition of the liqueur de tirage, a solution made up of base wine, sugar and selected yeasts to ensure that the fermentation process takes place to develop alcohol and carbon dioxide (bubbles). Bottles are closed with a crown cap. Under the crown cap used for this temporary closure, a small plastic cylinder called a “bidule” is inserted, where the exhausted yeasts will collect at the end of the fermentation. After 24 months on yeasts, these are deported trough the degorgement process, then bottles are corked, labelled and are ready to be sold

Casale del 700


Thanks to this process, this wine is characterized by refined and persistent foam, with pleasant fragrances that remind yeasts, a fresh taste, slightly acidulous, very refined and balanced.